Audience Testimonials

Below you will find some of the feedback we’ve received by email and in the Facebook comments widget at the bottom of the event pages on our first limited launch.

“I have watched many webinars this long Vermont winter, taking notes on all.This one of yours stands out way beyond all the others. The calibur of the people you’ve chosen, the questions you’ve asked, the thoughtful summaries you’ve offered are so helpful to us pollinators, who want to pass it all on with clarity and precision.” ~ ME

“I listen to A LOT of summits and online events and I just want to say that you are the most engaged, well read, and caring interviewer I have ever heard. Wonderful, wonderful work. Listening to this event has changed the course of my own nutritional studies.” ~ LF

“Thank you for your work. I appreciate your excellent interviewing skills. It is an art, and you do well to bring out your speakers without interfering, only adding.” ~ BH

These are just some of the glowing reviews, which also included detailed questions demonstrating true engagement, admiration for particular speakers, and heart-felt thank-you’s for this unique event. Your audience will appreciate it when you introduce this to them!