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Imagine food many times more nutritious than the best food available today, and totally devoid of toxic chemicals.  Imagine a food system that almost miraculously restores balance to our planet’s life support systems, and rescues our dying oceans.

That’s what’s possible. But as of now, the nutrients in our food crops have declined by as much as 85% in the last 80 years, leaving our bodies less able to access our genetic potential, produce energy, detoxify pollutants, avoid disease, defend against infections, and reach our full mental and even spiritual potential. But there are exciting solutions we can all access right now!

Meanwhile, how food is grown is often poisoning our bodies while threatening the stability of our planet’s life support systems. Our agriculture is destroying a 400 million year-old miracle of Nature that we’re now discovering is foundational to the Earth’s ability to maintain a livable climate and healthy oceans.

This miracle of Nature is the key to making food at least 10x as nutritious, and it’s also the only thing that can save us and our planet.

The Eat4Earth online event is a 9-day deep dive into cutting edge discoveries for reversing agriculture’s harmful effects on our bodies, revolutionizing the way our food is grown, and turning things around for our beautiful home planet.



Eat4Earth features a lineup of world-renowned health leaders like David Wolfe, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dave Asprey, Mark Sisson, Erin Elizabeth, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Drew Manning, Nora Gedgaudas, Wendy Myers, and many more. Plus little-known innovators with discoveries that may change the course of human history.

These interviews contain life-changing nuggets of nutritional wisdom, inspiring stories of healing, and stunning connections between our bodies and healthy, living soil.

This powerful series takes viewers on a journey to the deepest root of human health and the foundation of our lives on planet Earth.

We are finally discovering that when you heal the soil, you heal your body, and you heal the planet.

Your energy, performance, potential, and joy in life can rise to new levels when the ground beneath your feet fully supports you.

Thank you for helping us share this message and this information so that we can all thrive on a thriving planet.


Audience Testimonials

The feedback we’ve received by email and in the Facebook comments at the bottom of the event pages of our first limited launch has been exuberant, including comments like this one:

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Evergreen Launches

You can create your own custom launch any time you like. Just treat it the same way you would a live launch by sending several emails over a period of days or a week or two. The timeline is as follows:

  • Main Event: 9 days of new content each day (5-6 new interviews each day) available for 24 hours

  • First Cart Close: Cart closes at the end of the 10th day

  • 48-Hour Encore Replay: All interviews and cart re-open at the beginning of the 12th day and close at the end of the 13th day

Future Live Launches

  • Pre-Launch: TBA

  • Event Dates: TBA

  • Encore Replay: TBA

I’m grateful for your interest and your commitment to spreading the word about this event and this globally vital matter facing 7 billion human beings. And your efforts will be rewarded! You will earn 50% on any digital sales and 40% on any physical product sales. Eat4Earth is using an affiliate tracking system based on a first referral ID basis. This means that the earlier you email and share on social media, the more you’ll make.

We also have a 10% second tier referral program, so that you can earn 10% on the sales of anyone that you introduce to us. You will have a separate unique link for introducing other referral partners to Eat4Earth. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Here’s How You Can Participate

  • We recommend sending at least three emails over the pre-event period to get the highest conversions and commissions. We have a series of pre-written emails that are written to build on one another, coming at the subject from different angles, plus pre-written social media posts.
  • We will offer your audience the opportunity to buy all of the interviews, transcripts, and bonus materials like additional behind-the-scenes candid conversations with speakers, and free courses and discounts on courses contributed by speakers. Your followers will also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting a very important cause.
  • You will earn 40-50% of every dollar they spend (50% on digital product and 40% on physical product).
  • The digital product regular price is $197 for the “platinum” package that contains all of the interviews and bonuses. During the promotional period it is offered for $97 (50% discount). Additional special pricing may be offered at $47 and $67 “early bird” prices for the first few days of the promotional period, and at $57 or $77 later in the event for “silver” and “gold” packages that contain fewer bonuses than the “platinum” package.  Commissions on any of these prices for the digital product is 50%.
  • The main physical + digital product includes a 776-page book of transcripts and a USB drive with all materials on it, in addition to “platinum” level online access. The regular price on this package is $499, and the “early bird” price is $197, and the regular 50% discounted price during the bulk of the promotional period is $247. We currently subsidize the shipping cost by charging less for shipping that it actually costs to ship.
  • You will receive commission via PayPal, Zelle, Google Pay, or other similar method.
  • You will also help make your subscribers and loved ones feel better with new insights and tips for health, and renewed hope for our future.

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